Policies and Procedures

Ordering Media

  1. You may e-mail booking requests through this Web site. Booking requests may also be made by filling out the order form and mailing to: Media Center, 4445 Lindell Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63108.

  2. Order the item you desire at least two weeks before the date you wish to use the media. If you need to show the video for longer than one day, indicate the date range with beginning and ending show dates.

  3. If last minute accommodations are needed, bookings for media may be taken over the phone at 314-792-7360. No more than 10 orders per phone request can be accepted.

  4. Suggest more than one date for booking the media. If the item is available for the requested date(s), a confirmation form is mailed. If the media is not available for your requested dates, you will receive a phone message to request new viewing dates.

  5. Previewing is possible, but the preview area can accommodate only a limited number of people and is available by appointment only. Media may also be booked for preview at your location.

Mailing/Receiving Media

  1. Every requested and booked item will have a packing slip that is inserted into the mailer. This packing slip needs to be returned with the media items.

  2. Items are mailed Library Rate (4th Class Mail) five business days before the requested show date.

  3. When an item is mailed back, it is very important that it be mailed four or five days before the due back date indicated on the packing slip. If the requested item cannot be viewed and returned on time, please call the Media Center and request an extension. You will avoid a late charge and help avoid delays for others who may have booked items by informing the Media Center of any problems.


  1. Please report all damage to materials so repairs can be made. Report any missing items. Failure to report damage may mean that the next user will not have a usable audio-visual.

  2. Copyright information: programs listed in this catalog are protected under the U.S. Copyright Laws. License agreements between the Religious Education Media Center and its distributors do not include permission for members who borrow media to reproduce it in whole or in part. This is in violation of the Copyright Laws, carrying severe penalties. "Fair use" of copyrighted materials by educators applies only to materials purchased by the local school.



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