How to use the video record screen

  1. The video record screen displays the first record which matches your query with all pertinent information from the catalog for that record.   The display at the top of your screen identifies the total number of records which matched your query.

  2. If you want to book the first item that matches your query, you may click Mark for Booking.   You can then proceed to Booking Request, or click NEW QUERY to find additional videos to Mark for Booking.

  3. The Browse button may be clicked to view a list of all media which match the complete query.   Click on the Catalog # to display another video, which can then be Marked for Booking if desired.

  4. On the Browse Screen, you may sort the list by Catalog #, Title, Theme, Age, or Running time by clicking any of the column headers.

  5. The New Query button returns you to the blank Query Screen.


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