How to search

  1. First click on the radio-button for how you want to search and then click RUN QUERY.

  2. For CATALOG #, THEME, AGE, LENGTH, TITLE, SERIES, PRESENTER, DOMAIN, and COMPANY an arrow button is available next to the text field.   Clicking the arrow will present a drop-down box of options.   Move the cursor to select your preference and click RUN QUERY.   Clicking the BROWSE button will then display all items that match the query.

  3. For DESCRIPTION type just one word or phrase to identify all videos with that word in the description and click RUN QUERY. The first record matching your query results will be displayed on the screen.   Clicking the BROWSE button will display all items that match the query.   For example, if I wanted to find videos of St. Francis of Assisi, I could type in the Description text box Francis and then Click RUN QUERY; then browse all videos that included Francis in the description.

  4. For Spanish and Close Caption click the check box to select and click RUN QUERY.

  5. For a list of all new media materials purchased within the last year, check the "New Media" button at the bottom of the left column on the Query Screen




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