The Religious Education Media Center

The Media Center is a service of the Catholic Education Office for parishes, schools and agencies in the Archdiocese of St. Louis. The purpose of the center is to provide quality religious audio-visual materials for religious instruction and faith formation which are consistent with Catholic belief and tradition and which enhance and enliven the sharing of the "Good News" with children, youth and adults.

Media may be borrowed free of charge by any parish in the Archdiocese.   Other institutions pay a $10 rental charge per video or an annual membership fee for unlimited use.   Media materials are also available for individual use by adult Catholic parishioners, and are available for any parish-sponsored or member-sponsored group: school, PSR, pre-school, youth program, Bible study, RCIA, liturgy committee, parish council, parent group, pro-life committee, social-concerns committee, small faith communities, etc.

Both the suggested age-levels and themes listed for each item provide only a general indication for appropriate use of the resource.   Previewing is highly recommended to determine if the media would be helpful for a particular audience or purpose.   Previewing also permits the teacher or facilitator to incorporate the media into the learning session more effectively by presenting background material, dividing the viewing into segments, devising thoughtful discussion questions or follow-up activities.

For a list of all new media materials purchased within the last year, check the "New Media" button at the bottom of the left column on the Query Screen. Pocket-Guides of DVD's for the elementary, secondary, and adult levels may also be obtained by phoning the Media Center at 314-792-7360 or by downloading the PDF versions through the Archdiocesan website.

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